Making a Difference

Preserving and Celebrating one of Natures Greatest Gifts

About Us

Our Team


The Board of Island Managers are the governing council for the great Burlington Island. The group is a volunteer, community elected group of interested individuals with the goal of the welfare, support, and gracious use of our wonderful Treasure.

Our History


For many years the Burlington Island was a destination in the Southern New Jersey area. At one time a great amusement park thrived there with a ferry stop and many people were lucky enough to enjoy the Island's mystic beauty and spiritual heritage. Over the years it has returned to nature and the manager's watch over it with a keen eye.

Our Mission


The BOIM is the governing body and have always had the mission of restoring the Burlington Island to a form of greatness for the entire country to revel in. The mission of the group is to follow a path toward a time when the Island is once again a destination and an experience for generations to call an amazing time.